FEATURE FILMS (title/part/director)
The Unfamiliar (Dark Matter Studios), Ethan Cormack, Henk Pretorious
The Four Warriors (Philm Flix), Richard, Phil Hawkins
Private Peaceful (Fluidity Films), Rifleman Jones, Pat O'Connor
The List (Cabin Fever Films), Agent Smith, Klaus Hüttmann
G.B.H (Chata Productions), Harry the Pimp, Simon Phillips
Being Sold (Beautiful Productions), John Foster (lead), Phil Hawkins
Born of Hope (Actors at Work Productions), Arathorn (lead), Kate Madison
Zomblies (Realm Pictures), General Frank Marshall (main), David Reynolds
The Butterfly Tattoo by Philip Pullman (Dynamic Entertainment), DI Fletcher (main), Phil Hawkins
Jens Munk (Japp Productions), John Watson (main), Nikolaj Feifer
Dark Rage (Media Killer Films), Paul (main), Lee Akehurst
Martyr (Helmstone Productions), Lucifer (main), Shaun Troke
Frontman (Beat24 Productions), Stan, Ben Hyland
Angel (Transient Film Exchange), Hero, Ash Mahmood
Agatha and the Storm (Zephyr Films), Delegate, Silvio Soldini

TELEVISION (title/part/director)
Home (Channel4/ChannelX), Oliver, David Sant
Doctors (BBC), Paul Marsh, Paul Gibson
The Halcyon (ITV), Alistair Briggs, Stephen Woolfenden
EastEnders (BBC1), Jørgen Christensen, various directors
The Bridge III (SRTV/DRTV), Doctor, Henrik Georgsson
Ren (Mythica Entertainment), Karn, Kate Madison
Dr Who (BBC), McKean
Call the Midwife (BBC), Captain Bjorgsen, Phillipa Lowthorpe
Washed Up (Oceanstorm Films), Hayden Weathers (lead), Nick Lean
MTV Awards, CMONS main driver, Nick Nelson

ADR & VO (title/part/director)
Vikings Series 1/2/3/4/5/6, various voices, SyncorSwim
The Last Kingdom Series 1/2, various voices, BBC
The Prince And Me (Paramount), King's Physician, Martha Coolidge
Alien VS Predator (Fox), Sargeant, Paul W.S. Anderson

SHORT FILMS (title/part/director)
Beyond the Trees Brady (main), Joel Marguet
147 Feet, Amos (lead), Sina Hühne
Book One, Man (lead), Phil Hawkins
Out of the Woods, John (lead), Bledar Bujupi
Rustlers, Deke (main), Michelle Golder
The Last Cowboy, The Priest (main), Riccardo Servini
A Serious Business, Businessman (lead), Ben Hyland (Beat24 Productions)
Hidden Agenda, DI Collinson (Main), Anthony Sharp
Deserter, Schmidt (main), Calum Mackinnon (Zona Pictures)
The Woman in the red Dress, The Detective (lead), Naresh Devanshi
Ling Ling's New Toy Boy, The Doctor (lead), Martin Cavannagh
The Chess player, Allister McKinloch (lead), Bryan De Quattro
The Substitute, Steven Phillips, Luke Scrase
Asphyxiate, DI Rawlinson (lead), Anthony Sharp
The Last B&B, George, Carl Homer
In The National Interest, Col Stuart Menzies (main), Phillip Martin
Blood on his Hands, Chief Constable, Justin Coleman
The Appointment, The Gatekeeper, Aaron Greenwood
Prisoner of War, The Officer (lead), David Mead & Ed Beck
The Horsemen, Pestilence, Famine, Death and War, Kate Madison
Death Doesn't Live Here Any More, Death (main), Steve Lennon
Shells, A (lead), R. L. Wilson
Black Box, Scott, Emily Blickem
Into The Darkness, Archangel Michael (lead), Kate Robinson
The Outpost, William McDonald (lead), Kyle Gregory
World Citizen, The Father (main), Alexander Duncan
Chien Bizarre. Captain Fournier, Marec Fritzinger
My Bad Day, Jason, Andrew
More Men With Fat Ties, Mr Rhinegold (main), Chris Henk
Oh Yeah, Well My Dad?s Darth Vader, Vader/Mr Roberts (main), David Walters
Petite, Jean-Paul Satre, Zeke Gumelaar

OTHER (title/part/director)
NK INVEST, Presenter, Nicholas Opperman (Bulldog & Partners)
COLGATE SENSITIVE PRO RELIEF, Presenter, Alastair Cook (DoubleAct)
SNELL, Businessman, Simon McComb
SAAB, official voice for SAAB UK, various
SHAKESPEARE'S WORLD: Macbeth (Educational), Duncan/Doctor/Hecate, Fleur Howle
EUROFIGHTER: Nothing Comes Close (Corporate), Fighter Pilot, Dough Fidler

THEATRE (title/playwright/venue//part/director)
Mary Stuart, Schiller Oswald, West End, Ensemble (+US), Phyllida Lloyd
The Play About The Baby, Edward Albee, Cockpit Theatre, The Man (lead), Gillian Lemon
Simpatico, Sam Shepard, White Bear Theatre, Vincent (main), Jeremy Elman
Bash, Neil Labute, Judi Dench Theatre, The Salesman (main), Rachel Bagshaw
Enigma Variations, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Tristan Bates, Abel Znorko (main), Helene Steen
Rosmersholm, Ibsen, Rosemary Branch, Ulrik Brendel, Terje Tveit
4Play, Eddie Coleman, Hen&Chickens + Edinburgh Fringe, Brian (lead), Lily-Ann Green
7 Stories , Morris Panych, Etcetera, Man (lead), Jamie Lloyd
Macbeth, Shakespeare, Liverpool Everyman, Duncan/Porter/Doctor, Niall Costigan

Christopher Dane holds a BADC Advanced Stage Combat Certificate, enjoys horse riding and has a basic skill and knowledge in mounted combat, is a competent Baritone, has a full drivers license, is an excellent golfer and a competent tennis, badminton, and squash player.